Hi, I just wanted to point out that in your downloads the links that take you to the original post several of them take you to the post for Blue Blood. October, the mall & misery, Sailing to nowhere, and futile devices. I know you just changed it recently but though you should know. :) Love your work and thank you for everything

Whoops, thank you for telling me, everything should be fixed up now. ♥ You’re welcome, I’m so happy you like what I make! :)

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Niiice!! Thank you! And welcome back! :)

You’re welcome, I hope you enjoy them! Thank you, it’s nice to participate in the community again. :) 


Hello everyone. ♥ Since I’ve finally returned to simming, my first order of business was to revamp some skins to suit my picky self. 

I got sick of my ever-cluttered skins panel, so I smooshed together my favourite parts of all of them. Huckleberry Pie comes in default and non-default varieties, as well as an asian version because I like everything to be matchy matchy.

The skin works for both genders and all ages except baby, and toddlers and children don’t have the nose definition because I thought it looked weird on them. 

The non-default comes in the three basic EA tones plus Pooklet’s darker toned ramp, and the asian non-default comes in two ramps, a rosy one and a peachy one. All of the non-default skins will show up as hot pink dots in CAS, hopefully easy enough to pick out of a crowd.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy these and please let me know if there’s anything amiss! 





noodle/svmblr (base, nose, eyelids), neuroticrobotic (nostrils), nilou (nose shading), buffy (body details), sk-sims (nose contour), pleyita (asian lids), pooklet (tone ramp)

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Just in case you decide to use MC, I forgot to say earlier, you’ll get a notification that a ScriptError file was generated in your The Sims 3 folder, ScriptError in which you can find the instance number of the hair. It can be used on clothing too.

Ah, okay! Thank you for the tip. 

dulcemelly replied to your post “Sorting through my hair folder to get rid of hairs I don’t want…”

I feel your pain, because I’m in the same situation. Using Master Controller and right clicking on the thumbnail in CAS can give you the instance number though. Then you can find it using s3pe.

It’s awful, nuking my whole hair folder and just starting over is becoming a more and more attractive option; I think there are more hairs I want to delete than I want to keep at this point. 

I had no idea you could do it that way! That’s good to know for future reference, especially for a scatterbrain like myself. 

Sorting through my hair folder to get rid of hairs I don’t want anymore is the WORST, half these don’t have thums or icons to check what they are in s3pe and I didn’t save any preview pictures because I’m a dumbo fml 

Mara Collins

Sulley Collins

just a quick note, i’ve updated my ts3 downloads page to have thumbnails and direct download links in the event any of the original posts go down again. 

for any of you lovelies still playing ts2, my ts2 download page is currently incomplete. i will be updating it at some point to include links to the original posts and direct dls but this will take time bc apparently i made a huge amount of stuff for ts2 and im not overly motivated to sift through it all.