I’m not sure how this flew under my radar for so long, but if anyone remembers my freckle and mole tattoos, the freckles package has been broken since release as I must have stupidly managed to misname one of my testing files for the genensims paint tattoos. 

In any case, I no longer have the original freckles file or alpha (and in retrospect, I’m not happy with how it looked anyway) so I will be releasing a v2 of that set with some new features and other things. 

P.S. To the freckle!anon, the download I linked to you doesn’t work properly! I will release a new working one soon. <3 

on that first link you sent me i downloaded the first "download" button, after the picture of a shirtless boy which arms are covered with tattoos. is this the link in what is the girl's freckled skin? im sorry to ask this but i cant try it on my ts3 in the moment and im sorry for my bad english

Yes, that’s correct, those freckles are part of that download. :) The freckles are not part of a specific skin, though, they appear in the tattoo section of CAS and can be layered on any skin you want using this mod

Simified made a fabulous tutorial on how to use the freckles here if you need more help. 

/post/27724396279/ i try to click in the picture to download the girls skin and it doesnt goes to any link... could you send it to me?

That’s strange, for some reason my theme has disabled click through links on pictures. I’ll try to fix that sometime tonight. 

In any case, you can find the dl you’re looking for here, and for future reference I have an index of all my ts3 downloads here.

Hello, your PU-CU EYEBALL MESH is super. Children sims are often overlook on lots of stuff. I do have request if you take them. --- Please, is there a way for you to make it just the UVs for the pu/cu? (without the skin shader/newmesh) I would attempt it myself but my knowledge on how to do so is none. Thanks and if you can't do it or don't want to, it's cool.

Hi! I don’t usually take requests, but this is pretty straightforward so I did it for you.

When I was testing this file I got a “missing object warning” popup when I first entered the lot. Clearing caches and reloading seems to have fixed that message in my game, but if you have any issues please let me know and I will investigate further.

Download here


I hate the EA eye shader, so I extracted the eye meshes for kids and toddlers and made them use the skin shader instead. I also fixed the UVs so they’re no longer mirrored. You can see a before/after pic here.

There is no teen-elder version because aWT’s eyeball mesh replacement already serves this function for them. 

ATTN: This will remove any eye glow effects from your supernatural sims, as it is now using a different shader. It’s especially obvious on your ghost sims, though I’ve tried to remedy that with the contacts in this post

Anyway, please let me know if anything goes explodey, I’ve done some playtesting and everything seems to be working okay, but there’s always something I might have missed.


Mei got another makeover, this time I think it’s here to stay. 

Dammit I knew I was going to screw up something on that eyes preview, the pic says 3t2 but its 2t3 


Does anyone know if awt ever released a toddler/child version of his eyeball mesh replacements? I’m about to do something crazy and try to do it myself, but I want to be 100% sure it doesn’t exist already because s3pe and going through game files scares me.


I’ve been on a creating kick lately, so here’s a small set I made for myself - a 2t3 conversion of Medinaquirin’s Polaroid Eyes, plus matching blind and alien/supernatural contacts and a tiny bonus.  

The regular eyes come in default and contacts. The default has two flavours, one that leaves the EA lashes, and another that nukes those awful things right off your sim’s face. Neither of them have the lip overlay. 

All of the contacts have three channels: sclera, iris, and catchlights (except the alien one, it has two iris channels for duotone colours and a black only sclera). 

The bonus is a really quick little thing; I use aWT’s eyeball replacements and they nerf the eye glow on certain ghost sim types (see here), so I made a blank contact that brightens up their eyes and gives them some shading. 

Everything’s clearly labeled so you can delete what you want, and they have custom thumbnails in CAS.




medinaquirin (original eyes), brntwaffles (sclera, default overlay), cathilark (part of the alien eye texture), missy harries (ghost sclera)